Privacy Policy

Not reading the Privacy Policy does not relieve the end user of noting and accepting the following.
The end user notes and accepts the following from entering the site:

  • the end user notes that we use technologies like cookies (data stored in the browser) for better end user experience.
  • the website collects and displays events shared by certain online sites, and it displays them in an orderly fashion on the website. The users of the site can search these events by aspects set up on the site.
  • the user of the site notes that descriptions of events or other description content is subject to changing without the notification of the users of the website. We take no responsibility of the actuality and accurateness of the content collected and displayed on the website.
  • The usage of the content of the website is on the end user’s own discretion. The specification and validation of content on the website is the responsibility of the user of the website.
  • The content shared on the website is approved by the creator of the content.
  • Unlawful usage of the website or information on the website can result in penalty and or criminal prosecution in which case the city court of the owner will take action.
  • registration on the site is done with the help of facebook connect and information gotten using facebook connect is handled as confidential. By registering on the website you accept that can access data you have given during registration that we do not share with third parties.
  • If the operator of the website would like to share any information eg. new service released or change of privacy policy, then the operator of the website is enabled to notify you even when you opted out of the newsletter service.
  • The Service can contain tracking devices originating from other services.
  • the following are forbidden, unless the website and its owner approved it, such as reuse of content of the website or using the content of the website in another form.
  • The website and its owner can not be made responsible for links regarding the website and its content when it is detrimental to the content of the website, its information or the owners of the information.
  • Usage of the website is regulated by the civil court of the owner / operator of the website.
  • At the filling out of the profile of the website If the end user asks for our newsletter service, they could opt out of it any time on the profile or at the opt out link at the end of each newsletter.
  • We display events from Facebook and many other sites. Our application is able to extract only the public events from Facebook, the user is responsible to set up their events for private while creating it. It is important to know, we can't change event's information and if you have any kind of legal problem with an event information,  please contact with Facebook in this case.
    If Privacy Policy or Terms of Use is modified, we notify the end user. Ignoring or not reading of the notification of the modification does not relieve the end user of upholding and noting all the regulations and privacy policies valid on the website.
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