The Craft Of Public Speaking - Performance Program

The Craft Of Public Speaking - Performance Program

Thornbury, Clare Dea



Calling all coaches, creatives, performance artists, facilitators and entrepreneurs!

Learn the fundamental embodied practises of transformational speaking.


10 Week Performance Program

Could it aid your career to discover a natural inner charisma and authentic confidence whilst in front of a large room of people?

Does the idea of crafting a unique stage performance or a
Ted Style Talk for an audience excite you?

Would you like to have more speaking opportunities and share your message to many?

If so, Hi!

My name is Clare Elizabeth Dea.

I help coaches, creatives, performance artists, workshop facilitators, marketers and entrepreneurs stand out in their industry. I love sharing practises which allow you to be more authentic and confident on stage, screen and in life.

The Craft of Public Speaking is a 10 week program on Monday evenings I am facilitating for you to become more engaging, congruent and persuasive when presenting.

Public Speaking is a very effective way to build credibility, trust and connection with your audience. However, to really stand out and be memorable is an art form.

Throughout the 10 week intensive we will explore the 8 elements to making an impact presenting.

These being...

1. Charismatic Embodiment
2. Vocal Rhythms
3. Raw Authenticity
4. Integrated Archetypes
5. Electric Storytelling
6 Potent Questioning
7. Raving Fans
8. Sexy Structure

We will also develop a unique crafted presentation piece for you to share your message to many.

Each week you will attend a 3 1/2 hour group class.

On the final evening, everyone will deliver their unique crafted presentation to a live audience. This evening will also be professionally recorded so you can use the material on your website and social media.

By the end of the 10 week intensive you will walk away with...

*an authentic confidence to speak in public

*strengths as a speaker you didn't realise you already had

*an awareness of your weaknesses as a speaker and how to improve them

*an awareness of the blocks that are shutting you down from your audience

*the building blocks to storytelling

*embodying the 8 speaker's archetypes

*magnetic presence practises

*stronger vocal resonance and tone

*a knowledge how to structure a presentation

*deeper clarity around your unique message

*an unique crafted presentation that you can continue developing over your career

*video footage of your unique crafted presentation for your website and social media

Whether you are new to public speaking or getting ready for a Ted Style Talk, this course will take you out of your comfort zone and transform your presenting for the rest of your career.

You will also get an opportunity to connect with a community of creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs who are working together to create more impact in the world with sharing their message to many.


Monday Evenings
Starting August 6th


DCF Studios
721 High Street Thornbury


*Performance Artists
*Workshop Facilitators


$1197 - Early Early Bird (3 places)

$1347 - Early Bird - 21st January

$1500 - General Admission

Payment Plan Option Available

** Please note that tickets are non refundable however may be gifted to another person

** Also note it will cost $50 for the professional videographer that can be paid at the end of the course.


So that everybody gets individual attention every class, there will only be 6 - 7 participants.


Please bring to class each week a notepad and pen


Please wear clothing that is easy to move in and a change of clothing into something you would wear presenting


Nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the year, Clare is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performance artist, speaker and creative mentor. An entrepreneur and workshop facilitator for the past 16 years, Clare's expertise is helping coaches, artists, consultants and business owners create an impact on stage and screen.

Clare recently published her first book "The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame into Beauty" which led her to many speaking opportunities. From this experience, she has become fascinated by public speaking and what engages an audience and influences them to take action in their lives.

In August 2017, Clare was invited by Tedx Melbourne to be one of their open mic speakers.

Clare looks forward to helping you become an inspiring speaker so you can share your unique message to the world effectively and confidently.


If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact Clare at


I recently completed The Craft of Public Speaking course with Clare Elizabeth Dea and it is without a doubt one of the most transformative learning experiences I have been a part of.

I thought I was signing up for a course to learn how to project my voice and be better on stage. I received that and much, much more. I learnt how to be seen on stage. I learnt how to join my audience in a deep conversation. I learnt how to present from where I was emotionally at. I learnt how to connect with my true authentic self by opening doorways to stories that have shaped my life. I cannot recommend this course enough!

If you are looking to push past your own perceived limits, this is the course for you. If you are looking to connect deeply with a group of like-minded people, this course is for you. Clare is a tremendous facilitator who walks the walk and leads with love. Her ability to find the voice inside of you and to amplify this is second to none. You are at a crossroads now. Imagine a world where you reach the potential you know you have deep inside you. Clare will help you get there but be prepared to do the work!

Steve Brophy

It is impossible to put into words how much I have learnt with Clare Dea. She really has helped me to make amazing changes to my life inside and outside of my career. Before beginning the course, I was doing work as a creative, but a large portion of the time felt like I was not reaching full potential or freedom in my work and often felt blocked. After beginning the training it wasn’t long before I started to feel big changes in my work, almost like gates opened inside me and allowed me to freely and joyfully tap into my creativity on many different levels.

Charlie Thorpe
monday 7:00pm august 6, 2018 - 10:30pm
Australia/Melbourne timezone
Clare Dea
Clare Dea